preserved flower

What is Preserved Flower

The Preserved Flower is a fabricated flower that allows the flower’s freshness to be kept for a long time without losing its beauty.

It is a flower’s “dream come true” – the flower keeps its freshness by inserting into the flower a special organic liquid when it is at its best so that the flower itself will assimilate the preservative solution and pigment and natural beauty. And furthermore, it will last for several years!

This technology makes it possible to create flowers and its colors in a way that was not possible to do before, and believe it or not, you do not have to keep watering them once it is manufactured.

Preserved Flowers are manufactured to keep the flowers beauty for a long time, and it is carefully crafted to keep its moisture content as well as softness and its beauty – and therefore this takes a lot of delicate work and a perfected manufacturing process. Because of the intense process and remarkable results, preserved flowers are expensive compared to fresh flowers, but the everlasting advantage is with preserved flowers, and the variations you could seek with preserved flowers are nothing but valuable.


Preserved Flower was developed and founded in 1991 in France, and since then, many famous flower designers have used it in their creations and made it popular around the globe including Japan.
Since it does not die, and results in a lighter weight flower than normal fresh flowers it has attracted the attention for use at weddings to create the bouquet and flower decorations.

The strong points

- Lasts for a long time, and if kept properly, you can enjoy them for over 10 years. Damage is repairable.
- By mixing colors, you could create your own original color.
- Unlike fresh flowers, there are no allergies.
- No need to water them (do not give them water).

The weak points

- Not strong to water. Please keep away from a humid place.
- Keep away from direct sunlight. It may cause fading due to ultraviolet rays.
- If you keep it attached to a cloth for a long time, the color may come out from the colored flowers and transfer to the cloth.
- Keep it away from air conditioning, heat or other type of winds as it may cause the flower to crack.

Cautions for storage and handling

Please remember that preserved flowers are very sensitive flowers. You do not need to water them, but high temperature and humidity could cause the flower to become translucence, so please take extra care when you store them.

The preserved flower bouquet can be maintained even after use.A little bit of damage caused to the flower can be repaired by our staff, and this is a big difference to a fresh flower bouquet.
Once you become our customer, we will do repair service for an additional charge.