Original Arrangement
We will take original arrangement orders, for situations such as weddings, birthdays, sympathies, and on any occasion upon your request throughout the year. The deadline for an order is 2 weeks prior to the date of your request, and since it is a delicate product, basically we will ask you to come and collect the product at our shop. With regards to orders within Oahu, delivery is possible with a separate delivery charge. Deliveries to the Mainland or other Islands will be completely packed in a box and will be delivered with extra charge. We will inform you of the delivery cost per order. The fee for a small arrangement is from $20~, birthday arrangements $60~$100, wedding bouquets $300~$600. Prices will differ according to the type of flowers that will be used and the type of arrangements. We can come up with an arrangement within your budget. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Event coordination
We will take orders for various events, house decorations, facility decorations such as for hotels. The design and arrangement will be your original. Since the product would last for a long time, and in addition it is light in terms of weight, it is appropriate for long time events. You could use it every year, and can enjoy an arrangement by seasons. The deadline for these orders is 1 month prior to the requested date of delivery.

We will give out lectures at occasions such as art classes in Schools, Kids classes, Birthday parties, on any occasions per your request with a fee inclusive of all necessary materials (flowers etc.). You could create your original work and take it home with you. We will give lectures that your work will be an abiding memory and you could enjoy the creation process as well. Contact us for further information.

Sales of preserved flowers
You could choose to buy various types of preserved flowers upon orders. Please feel free to contact us, and why don’t you create your own piece yourself!

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